Noni fruit or simply Noni is a native fruit of Australasia and Southeast Asia. It is referred by many names like Indian mulberry, Mengkudu in Indonesia and Malaysia, Nunaakai in Tamil Nadu, India, Apatot in Philippines, pace in Java, Noni in Hawaii and Kumudu in Bali. Noni fruit can be consumed by many forms, sweetened, unsweetened, in diluted form or in from of Noni powder mixed with water or juice. The benefit of Noni-fruit is boundless and helps to maintain a healthy body. Andaman Plantations is a staple exporter of Noni-fruit and is reputed owing to its rich quality.


The extract of Noni-fruits significantly boosts the immune system and provides pain relief. Noni is also an active pain relief agent and according to several researches it can provide relief from pain to a considerable level in comparison to chemical induced pain killers. It is also effective against joint and arthritis pain. Noni-fruit is also rich in macrophages that help to strengthen the immune system. As Noni-fruit contains several antibacterial agents, it is extremely effective against the spread of infectious bacteria like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Those suffering from diabetes, muscle ache and pains, high blood pressure, menstrual problems, heart disease, gastric ulcers, and even AIDS. Noni-fruit is an excellent anti-depressant as well. It helps to stimulate and strike a balance between two important hormones that are melatonin and serotonin. The balance between these hormones helps to sleep, keep depression at bay and improves the mood. The natural elements found in Noni fruit also help to improve scalp and skin conditions. It prevents from diseases like ringworm and eczema. When applied to the hair scalp, it gives a natural shine and adds volume. Noni-fruit also helps in the growth of nails. Noni fruit is also known to stimulate the production of Nitric oxide that reduces tumorous growth and prevent the body against diseases like cancer.


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