Andaman Plantations that was institutionalised in 1926 has emerged as one of the famous producers when it comes to spices. It’s a known fact that the spices of Andaman and Nicobar Islands call for a different taste and aroma which make it one of the acknowledged spice exporters of the world. Although the rest of this island may be engaged in producing spice in the known process, but at Andaman Plantations, the planters take the help of organic cultivation. All the spices grown here are done in an organic manner and the planters really work hard for it. Other than spices, there are more products that are grown organically. Noni, areca nut, coconut, honey are some of the other products that have found a place in this plantation.

Coming to Black Pepper, this extremely aromatic spice is a flowering vine that originates from the family of Piperacea. Originally it’s cultivated for the fruit. Later on, it’s dried extensively to turn it to the form of spice. Black Pepper has a variety of usage in Indian as well as in continental cuisines. The most surprising fact is that apart from being utilised as a flavouring ingredient; it has several medicinal ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron. A tinge of black pepper helps to soothe digestive ailments along with cough and cold. The spice is rich in mineral content and has antibiotic properties.


Presences of antibacterial and antiinflammatory substances help to cure serious health hazards like cancer and intestinal problems. Moreover, a regular inclusion of this spice in the daily diet helps to improve the quality of hair and skin. The matured berries of this spice are dried extensively and then sent for the production of black pepper spice and exported to different countries.


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