A bottle of black pepper seems harmless as long as you don’t ground it. Grounded pepper can cause sneezing, a burning sensation in the eyes and difficulty in breathing. It is one of the best means of self-defense practiced by women. However this is not where the sole utility of the spice lies. Black pepper is grown commercially because it is one of the costliest spices available with multiple medicinal uses.


Pepper is full of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B2, B6, B3, K, C and E. It produces hydrochloric acids which help in digestion. As a carminative it reduces flatulence but if you are suffering from excessive water retention it can increase urination to balance it. Pepper tea is effective in reducing fever because it makes the patient sweat profusely and thereby bring down the temperature. It has antioxidants and antibacterial properties which boost the immune system and keep the stomach free of bacteria. For those battle the bulge it is a great friend. The exterior of the black pepper corn is useful for breaking down cellular fat and encouraging weight loss. Chewing black pepper can reduce throat inflammation and is also effective on intestinal worms. Patients suffering from gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea can get relief by consuming pepper in their daily food. Black pepper makes soup and boiled food tasty.

Black Pepper is produced commercially in various plantations of the country. Andaman Plantations located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands cover 1,200 sq km and are involved in the production of not just black pepper but also cloves, cinnamon, honey, coconut and areca nut. These are produced organically so that the products are free of fertilizers and chemical components. The planters allow the fruits and spices to mature on their own till they reach the optimum and it is safe to pluck them.


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