Cinnamon is one of the popular spices that can be widely used for its medicinal values, culinary properties and also for its aroma. This exotic spice can be obtained from brown bark of the cinnamon trees and it has medicinal values also. It is also mentioned in botanical book of Chinese people. Biblical reference could nalso be found of it. It is either available in stick or in the form of ground powder. And to preserve it in best condition, experts advise to keep it in cool and dark place inside glass container. Indeed this spice is popularly used to add a bit of flavor to multiple dishes. It not only enhances taste of your food but also adds zing to your food.

How it is cultivated?

With each passing day the popularity of cinnamon is increasing at a rapid rate amongst people and cinnamon cultivation is also done with great enthusiasm by the Andaman Plantations. To get the best result, cinnamon is processed just after harvesting while the inner bark is still wet and misty. The stems are cut down and they are processed by peeling off outer bark. The next step is to beat the entire branch smoothly with the help of hammer to the loosened inner portion of the bark that is again elongated in long rolls. Only a small portion of inner bark can be used and the outer portion is actually discarded, thereby leaving the cinnamon strips that curl into huge rolls for drying. In fact, the bark that is processed can be dried in four to five hours. However it is vital that it is kept in well-ventilated process and in warm environment.

Health benefits

If you consume this spice on a regular basis, the taste of your food that you eat can be improved to a large extent. Plus you will be able to improve your health. It is rich in antioxidants that helps you to prevent cancer, reduce damage of your body and also reduces aging process. Recent studies have revealed that regular consumption of this food helps you to reduce risk factors associated with cardiac problems such high triglyceride, high level of blood sugar and so on. Moreover, it is good for diabetic patients since it reduces level of blood sugar and enhances sensitivity to the insulin hormone.


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