Packed with more than 200 neutraceuticles, minerals, vitamins, alkaloids etc, noni happens to be a natural body detoxifier. It helps in ebbing away all forms of toxic residue from the human cell membrane leaving soft and supple for effective and hassle-free communication. In due course of time, this medicinal plant has also proved to be a great stress reliever and an immune system regulator. Better known by the scientific name of Morinda Citrifolia, noni belongs to the coffee family. The fruit is a native of the Southeast Asia and Australasia. Since it belongs to the coffee family, therefore it acts as a great stress-buster.

The usage of this medicinal fruit was best known by the Polynesians for almost 2000 tears. The noni plants are known to have some significant medicinal qualities due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The health benefits of the noni plants contain effective relief from serious health ailments like cancer, diabetes coupled with eradication of skin and hair problems also. The juice that is derived from the noni plant possesses the healing power of keeping the skin healthy and free from all forms of diseases. It helps to boost up the energy levels. As a result, one always remains brimming with intense energy after consuming the noni juice. What history has brought forth is that it has been utilised for dyeing clothes as well, other than imparting health benefits. The noni is a more of a shrub or a small tree that grows to height of about 3-10 metres. Going by the physical characteristics, the noni tree has got dark shiny leaves, reddish brown seeds, and small groupings of edible white flowers. These white flowers, in due course of time, turns out into potato shaped fruit termed as noni.

The white shade later on gets replaced by greenish shade and with edgy surfaces. Andaman Plantations is supposed to be the highly acknowledged plantation group that grows high-quality noni with the help of efficient private planters.


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