Better known with multiple names like Indian Mulberry and Morinda Citrifolia, noni is a medicinal fruit that comes characterised with several health benefits like lowering the risks of heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. Enriched in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-anti-bacterial elements, noni is a natural medicine to fight the major diseases in the human body. It’s basically an evergreen shrub that comes stuffed with therapeutic properties. Interestingly, this wondrous fruit is known to be an excellent healer of the arthritis pain. On consumption of the noni juice which is actually quite bitter and pungent in taste, helps to keep this muscular pain at bay.

Various health disorders like obesity also suffer a setback when brought in touch with medicinal fruit. Noni is often considered as the starvation fruit that also helps to fight hunger. A couple of gulps of noni juice help to ward off the arthritis pain to a great extent. It’s not that those chemical entwined medicines won’t be of any help and would turn futile in healing those muscular ailments, but the side effects are extremely disadvantageous. Recently, the properties of this noni fruit are now being extensively studied for treating cancer ailments.999

Andaman Plantations stands as one of the extensive private plantation group that helps in cultivating different varieties of agricultural and magical products that prove to be quite beneficial for the well-being of the mankind. This particular fruit has got an immense anti-oxidant potential that exerts various anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory impacts. Such healthy contents help in eradicating various health ailments of which arthritis happens to be the main. Arthritis is not a single but an amalgamation of around 200 different types of diseases. Noni happens to be a common name given to Morinda Citrifolia. Although the fruit is extremely bland and has a pungent smell, it comes infused with several advantages.


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