Sometimes the quality and the cost of the natural products are determined by the customers and sometimes they are dependent on the manufacturing company itself. One of the best companies for cultivating agriculture products is none other than Andaman Plantations that is situated in the Port Blair region of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.It is usually engaged in producing a wide array of natural products that includes black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, areca nut, cloves and many more.The best part is that honey is cultured in this plantation through a natural process.In fact, this company has a huge manpower that is sufficient to cater to the requirements of people of getting high quality products. There are numerous skilled as well as unskilled workers that put efforts to produce all the natural products in a huge amount.


Out of multiple spices that are grown in this plantation, vanilla is produced as well as cultivated in plenty. Indeed, vanilla is considered to be one of the most popular spices of the present times and it is valued just after saffron. Vanilla is best grown in the tropical climate and this region has maintained this type of climate almost throughout the year. It has multiple uses that include perfumes, confectioneries to medications as well as scented products.

Vanilla has a high content of potassium as well as magnesium and it also constitutes high amount of manganese as well as calcium. Magnesium is essential for maintaining good health because it helps to regulate the human nervous system as well as works as a balancing element. Potassium is effective for controlling the blood pressure level in the best possible way.Calcium helps in reducing cortisol, a kind of stress hormone that causes depression, irritation, weight gain and so on.Manganese proves to be beneficial for digestion and metabolism.Moreover, vanilla beans, also called vanilla pods, are rich in medicinal values and they can be farmed in an organic way.Andaman Plantations is known for producing organic vanilla because the proficient farmers do not used harmful chemicals as well as pesticides for its cultivation.


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