Seasonal changes amounts to cough, cold and sneezing. Although it is a common problem and not really harmful, it causes a lot of irritation. Colds can be easily cured in about 7 to 10 days.
You can get rid of common cold symptoms with natural and common kitchen ingredient lemon and honey.

Honey is a natural sweetener and is laden with various medicinal properties that add to its value, which makes it one of the most used natural ingredient spanning centuries. Honey is sodium, cholesterol and fat-free. Additionally it contains 80 % carbohydrates, 18 % water and 2 % minerals, vitamins and amino acids, that makes it most suitable to get relief from cold.

According to several researches responsible intake of honey can lessen allergies and improve the overall immunity system of the body. As honey comes with several antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, when honey is combined with other natural ingredients acts excellently against cough and cold. In this article you will learn the goodness of honey and how to treat the cold.

Honey Gargle

You can mix honey with lemon juice with two cups of warm water and gargle the solution to get rid of cold.

Honey and Ginger

You can soak some chopped ginger and honey and keep it separate for sometimes. Take this mixture and stir it warm water and drink. Get instant relief.

Honey with cold water

Fill a glass with cold water, mix honey and drink it to get relief.

Honey and cinnamon tea

Honey and cinnamon tea works excellently against cough and cold. For best result you can have the tea before going to bed.

Honey, from Andaman Plantations is of excellent quality and is harvested in the best possible way that no bees are harmed. One of the staple products of Andaman Plantations, honey is widely used across the country.


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