Honey has been providing carbohydrates and natural sweeteners for long period of time. It is one of nature’s wonders. Honey is made of organic acids, minerals, sugars, enzymes, vitamins and proteins. Honey’s utilization as an antidote or medicine has been limited due to the deficiency of scientific report. Its greatest medicinal effectiveness is its execution and application as topical agent to wounds and skin diseases.

Let’s discuss about the perks of being a user of honey and its unique properties the cures health problems.

Honey has an anti-inflammatory, immune boosting property, that exhibits broad spectrum antibacterial activity, which are characterized both to physical factors:

• Acidity
• Osmolality,

And chemical factors are:

• Hydrogen peroxide,
• Volatiles, beeswax,
• Nectar
• Pollen
• Propolis

Its antioxidant activity is featured to:

• Glucose oxidase
• Catalase
• Ascorbic acid
• Flavonoids
• Phenolic acids
• Carotenoid derivatives
• Organic acids
• Millard reaction products
• Amino acids
• Proteins

Gastrointestinal disorders such as peptic ulcers, gastritis and gastroenteritis can be prevented through honey.

However, it has the efficacy to cure and control several complicated health problems as well. Let’s discuss on it briefly.

It also promotes health of gastrointestinal tract and poses prebiotic effects. Needless to say, Honey has proven completely safe for use. In comparison to glucose and sucrose, it has a lower glycaemic and incremental indices in type I diabetic persons. Honey can play as an athletic aid as the simple sugars are absorbed directly into bloodstream without digestion with the use of honey in our body.

Actually, honey is a natural food made by bees through extracting the nectar from the flowers. The nectar is the most original type of honey which is derived by the beekeepers. Sweetness comes up with no added sugar! The beekeepers at the Andaman Plantations make it a point to get hold of the best quality of honey by utilizing the proper procedures and techniques.


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