If eating healthy food is what you need to maintain your wellbeing, then it is certainly noni that should first come to your mind. Interestingly the noni fruit has its origin from the tree belonging to the coffee plant family. Noni is rich in nutrients and it was first discovered by the Polynesians in the Pacific area. It is almost two thousand years old and it is infused with the medicinal values that can be widely used for the treatment of various ailments.


Talking about the health advantages of this fruit, noni improves your immune system, increases the energy level and also generates essential anti-oxidants that also provide the overall improvement of your health and fitness. It also contains vitamin C that helps you to fight the common cold and cough disease. The recent studies also have revealed that this fruit also is ideal for the cell repairing process. It constitutes colorless alkaloids and these ingredients are effective for maintaining a perfect balance of the human body. It is also revealed that the body produces a vital alkaloid namely xeronine that also activates a few essential enzymes.

As far as the cultivation of this fruit is concerned, the volcanic soil that is present in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is suitable for its growth. The beautiful tropical weather of this place helps in its cultivation. In fact, the Andaman Plantations of this region has an enriched history that highlights the fact that this company is popular for growing the best quality of noni fruit in the world. In this plantation, the fruits are dried up and they are freed from moisture to grind as well as to extract the dried powder effectively. When cooled, this powder is then used for manufacturing diverse medicines, and then the dried noni powder can be processed in order to prepare juice, capsules and so on.


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