Filled with more than two hundred and eighty calories per 100 grams, a vanilla is known to be one of the popular agricultural products. Indeed, it is actually responsible for the fascinating taste of tasty desserts and wonderful ice cream. A vanilla is a climbing orchid that bears wonderful flower and fruit. It is its fruit that is extracted from long pods of the vanilla tree that is also used for the preparation of the wonderful essence for the cosmetic products and also food products. Interestingly, this vanilla plant does not bear the fruit for the next year and also the vanilla beans could be removed after a span of nine months. According to the experts, vanilla is one of the costly spices after the saffron and it is also valued by the people because of its wonderful taste and flavor.

Before gathering the details about the advantages of this product, it is important to know more about the plantation company that is dedicated in producing this type of tasty product. Formed in 1955, Andaman Plantations is a popular private planter of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and it also produces multiple products like vanilla, mango ginger, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, areca nuts and many more. Moreover it has hired a group of experienced farmers who work diligently to provide the best solutions for the cultivation of all the above-mentioned agricultural products. Nearly five hundred trainer farmers and supervisors are associated with this plantation company.

Headquartered in Port Blair, Andaman Plantations actually transfer these agricultural products through airways and roadways. Spreading across the five plantations, such as North Bay, Bambooflat, Minnebay, Mithakhari and Chunnabhatta, this planter is dedicated in producing quality products with the help of scientific practices and advanced techniques.




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