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Andaman Plantations Grows Agricultural Products Rich In Nutrients

Andaman Plantations is a popular private plantation company dedicated to managing all types of plantation activities in the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Established in 1955, this planter has made a mark in the plantation sector of our country and produces multiple agricultural products.

As one of the leading planters of this area, this planter is dedicated to offering cinnamon, cloves, areca nuts, black pepper, and vanilla and so on. It covers up a total area of twelve hundred acres thereby spreading to five areas like Northbay, Mithakhari, Minnebay, Bambooflat, and Chunnabhatta. They are located in close proximity to Port Blair and they can be accessible through airways and roads. It has a team of expert management and agricultural professionals who have long years of experience in the plantation management and smart processing of the agricultural products. Recently, nearly five hundred supervisors and field workers are associated with this company.

Vanilla is one of the expensive spices of the world and this company grows vanilla powder, flavoring, paste and other ingredients. Areca nut is another vital product of this plantation company of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and it is available both as dried and fresh forms. In fact, the product is of high quality and double dying is done in order to keep this product fresh for a long period of time. Other products such as black pepper, areca nuts, mango ginger, cloves and cinnamon are grown with a lot of enthusiasm.

In this company, the expert farmers can cultivate this product through the organic process with the help of modern techniques and tools.To sum up, the people often depend on the agricultural products of this plantation company because they are of high quality and are not prepared from dangerous chemical elements.

Surprising health benefits of Honey

The advantages of honey go beyond its unique taste. It’s really a wonderful natural source of carbohydrates which supply strength and energy to human bodies, honey is known for its efficacy in quickly boosting the performance, endurance and reduces muscle fatigue of athletes. Its natural sugars play a significant role in preventing fatigue while exercise. Human body absorbs the glucose in honey very quickly and supplies an immediate energy boost, while the fructose is absorbed more gradually providing sustained energy. It is widely known that honey has also been found to keep levels maintained of blood sugar compared to other types of sugar.

Let’s have a brief and deep focus on the perks of honey

• Before going to work out one can take a spoon of honey to enable increase the energy level and strength.

• If you are feeling low and lethargic in the morning, instead of reaching out for a can of carbonated energy drink, try honey. Consume it with toast or omit sugar in your tea with it for a refreshing surge of energy.

• Sometimes, kids get easily fatigued due to lack of energy and then it is hard to cope with the physical strain from the buzzing activities at school or college. One can prepare and provide them a honey drink, some sandwiches or biscuits with honey, butter and ham to make sure they have sufficient energy to sustain throughout the day. And for optimal sleep and recovery cycle at night, one should use a spoonful of honey before sleep on a daily basis.

Amongst the several health advantages of honey, the most impressive feature is that honey can be a remarkable immune system booster. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, which help improve digestive system and help you stay healthy and fight disease. Andaman Plantations has taken an endeavor to provide completely natural honey to users and in order to do that, the company is successfully harvesting several herbal fruits on the fertile and vibrant land of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Black Pepper Is Stuffed With Essential Nutrients That Help You To Regain Health

Black pepper is a flowering vine of India that is mostly cultivated for its fruit. If it is ripe, the plant’s fruit can be dried up and the peppercorn is formed. You may buy peppercorn as a whole or purchase the item for seasoning purpose. In Andaman Plantations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the expert farmers use advanced tools and techniques to grow black pepper and other agricultural products through the organic process. Here are a few health benefits that are available from black pepper.

Get rid of indigestion issues

This pepper can help to stimulate the taste buds and increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid inside the stomach to improve digestion process. In fact, the digestive issues are caused because of the dearth of this specific acid in the human body. It also improves the functioning of the digestive system and cures diverse medical issues such as bloating, constipation, colic, flatulence and so on. It is rich in antibacterial ingredients that are necessary for curing intestinal issues caused due to dangerous bacteria.

Helps in absorption of essential nutrients

Black pepper that is rich in piperine can increase the bioavailability of diverse nutrients such as vitamin A and C, selenium as well as beta-carotene, thereby improving the health condition of the individuals in the best possible way. The word bioavailability means the total amount of supplements and nutrients that can be absorbed by the human being.

Loses weight

Although black pepper can help in improving appetite, it helps in reducing weight in all possible ways. In fact, the exterior layer of the peppercorn is rich in phytonutrients that can cause the breakdown of the fat cells. As a diuretic and diaphoretic herb, the black pepper helps in perspiration and urination that actually help in reducing the toxins and extra amount of water from the human body.

Cures congestion

This pepper is used for curing runny nose since it allows losing phlegm successfully. It is rich in antimicrobial ingredients and as a result, it is used for the treatment of cough ailment. Another remedy is to sniff this mixture of sesame oil as well as black pepper. It can help to induce sneezing as well as clearing sinuses in the best possible way.

Delicious areca nuts are cultivated by experienced farmers of Andaman Plantations

Popularly called beetle nuts, the areca nuts have grown from a tree family known as Palmaceae.This tree can grow up to a height of over one meter. In fact, areca nut is the fruit of a tree and this particular tree can bear the fruit throughout the year. When fresh it turns green in color and if it is ripened turns dark orange in color. At this phase, the exterior of this nut has the hard texture and it becomes rough. If the areca nut is ripened, the outer covering is removed to expose the product that also grows round in structure. In our country, the people wish to consume this product in diverse ways. It may be baked, boiled or roasted. There are multiple health benefits of consuming this product. For instance, the constant chewing of this product helps in the stimulation of saliva and improves the overall functioning of the digestive system. Undoubtedly, this product is recommended for those who wish to enhance their appetite in the best possible way.

It is also effective for the treatment of cardiac ailments. As per the recent study, the people suffering from cardiac ailments have shown some type of improvement in their muscles, speech and the like after the consumption of this product. Indeed, the experts also recommend the consumption of the areca nuts for curing certain mental problems.

The major cultivators of areca nuts are Pakistan, Philippines, India, and Bangladesh. Andaman Plantations is also known for growing high-quality areca nuts through the organic process. It is one of the popular private planters of this area cultivating cloves, noni, mango ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla, apart from areca nuts. The proficient farmers of this planter work diligently to cultivate this product with the help of advanced techniques and devices and also export this nut to other places through airways and roadways.

Know about the nutritional values of vanilla of Andaman Plantations

The most common type of vanilla is vanilla extract that is prepared by percolating the chopped vanilla beans in ethyl alcohol as well as water for nearly 48 hours. This mixture can be stored for several months and it is then filtered successfully.

Different types of vanilla are available in the market of which Madagascar vanilla is widely used. This rich variety of vanilla accounts for almost seventy-five percent of the production of vanilla while the remaining comprises of vanilla from Mexico as well as Tahiti. In India, Andaman Plantations is the leading private planter of Andaman & Nicobar Islands dedicated to cultivating high-quality vanilla along with other agricultural products such as areca nuts, cinnamon, mango ginger, vanilla, black pepper, noni, and cloves.

Interestingly, the vanilla plant is a flowering vine that grows up to a height of almost three hundred feet in length. Vanilla beans are the dried orchids from the vine and they are rich in several compounds, including vanillin that actually can contribute to the wonderful flavor. Here are a few advantages that you can get from a vanilla.

Cardiac Health

The impact of vanilla, especially its ingredient vanillin, proves to be effective in decreasing the cholesterol level in a human body. It is recommended for the people who are at high risk of heart attack and other cardiac problems. The reason is that it can reduce cholesterol level and it prevents inflammation of arteries, atherosclerosis and so on.

Healing Ingredients

Vanilla is rich in antioxidants that can help prevent the breakdown of tissues as well as cells of the body and also can help in restoring the health naturally. Moreover, the antibacterial nature of this product signifies that it can improve the functioning of the immune system and also can reduce the stress of the people thereby making it quicker for them to recover from all kinds of illness.

Effective for hair care

This product is widely used in the preparation of beauty products because of its medicinal benefits. If you suffer from frequent hair loss or split ends, applying the oil extracted from this product can improve your hair and also can induce steady blood flow to the scalp and so on.

Delicious areca nuts are cultivated by the proficient farmers of Andaman Plantations

Popularly called betel nuts, the areca nuts have originated from a popular tree family called Palmaceae. This type of palm tree can grow up to a height of more than one meter. Generally, areca nut is the fruit of a tree and interestingly, the tree can bear this fruit throughout the year. When fresh it turns green in color. However, if it is ripened it becomes dark orange in color. At this stage, the exterior of the areca nut contains a rough and hard texture.

When this product is ripened, the exterior covering is removed in order to expose this agricultural product that also becomes round in structure. In our country, the people wish to consume this product in various ways. It may be boiled, roasted or baked. There are several benefits of consuming this product. For instance, the regular chewing of this product helps in the stimulation of the saliva and also improves the functioning of the digestive system of the individual. This nut is usually recommended for those who wish to enhance their appetite effectively.

It is also vital for the treatment of the cardiac ailments. According to a current research, the individuals suffering from the heart issues have shown improvement in their muscles, speech and the like after the consumption of this agricultural product. Some people often recommend the consumption of this product for the treatment of various mental problems.

The main cultivators of areca nuts are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and also India. The expert farmers of the Andaman Plantations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands work hard to cultivate this product with the help of advanced techniques and tools and also export this agricultural product to different places through airways as well as roadways.

Make Use of high-quality vanilla Cultivated by the Andaman Plantations

Infused with over two hundred and eighty calories for every one hundred grams, a vanilla is considered to be one of the popular agricultural products of our country. In fact, this agricultural product improves the taste of delicious desserts and lip-smacking ice cream. Actually, a vanilla is a climbing orchid that bears wonderful fruits as well as flowers. It is its tasty fruit that is extracted from the long pods of the vanilla tree that can be also used for the preparation of the fascinating essence of the cosmetic items and other food items. Interestingly, this plant cannot bear the fruit for the next one year and the vanilla beans also can be removed after a time span of nine months. According to the recent studies, vanilla is one of the most expensive spices after the saffron and it is valued by the people because of its nice taste as well as flavor.

Before knowing the details about the health benefits of this agricultural product, it is vital to gather information about the plantation company that is dedicated to producing its delicious product. Established in the year 1955, Andaman Plantations is a leading private planter of the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands and it also grows high-quality vanilla and also other diverse products such as areca nuts, noni, cloves, mango ginger, and cloves and so on. Moreover, it has recruited a team of expert farmers who work hard to cultivate all the above-mentioned products. Nearly 500 skilled farmers, as well as supervisors, are associated with this company.

Headquartered in Port Blair, this plantation company is also responsible for transferring these products via the roads and sea. Covering five plantations like Minnebay, Chunnabhatta, Bambooflat, Mithakhari and North Bay, Andaman Plantations is dedicated to cultivating high-quality products with the help of modern techniques and scientific practices.

Cure Diabetes, Indigestion and Other Ailments with Cloves

A delicious spice known as clove is grown in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar and also in India and it is known for its curative ingredients. Even during the ancient times, both the cloves and clove extracts were used for preparing multiple herbal medicines. According to the recent study, this popular product contains eugenol that is rich in antiseptic and antibacterial properties and it is used for the treatment of different diseases. It also works as an effective painkiller.

Indeed, the best thing is that a clove gives you relief from a toothache and other problems effectively. You should grind at least six to seven cloves and then create an effective paste. Especially this product that is also grown in the Andaman Plantations of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is of high quality and it is cultivated with the help of advanced technologies and devices. Here are a few benefits that you can avail of this product:

This popular spice contains antioxidant properties that are vital for protecting the major organs from dangerous effects of the free radicals, especially the human liver. Indeed, metabolism helps in improving the production of the free radicals and lipid profile while decreasing the antioxidant properties of the liver successfully.

It is also vital for curing various indigestion issues by stimulating the secretion of different digestive enzymes. It is also vital for curing nausea, gastric issue, flatulence and other ailments. Indeed, it is used as an effective antibacterial element for killing different harmful pathogens. The herbal ingredients of a clove are used for killing bacteria that cause cholera and other ailments.

In a nutshell, a clove is effective for the treatment of different ailments and one such illness is certainly diabetes. For those who are afflicted with this sickness, insulin hormone produced by their bodies may not be adequate. As per the recent study, the clove ingredients can increase the production of this hormone in different ways and they can also help in controlling the blood sugar level effectively.

Secret Black Pepper Cultivation Tips Leaked Right from the Experts

Black – pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world across numerous cuisines. If you’re reading this from India and if you’re up around somewhere near around the Western Ghats, with some spare time, you can add up with some serious black pepper cultivation. India is already sitting pretty in the top spot from the global picture. And this is called ‘Black Gold’ for more reasons than one. Coming back to the cultivating part of it all, here’re some tips.

Some Secret Tips for Cultivating The King of Spices: –

Hit the Right Nodes

Among the first things that you’re going to learn about cultivation is being vegetative about. Forget seeds. Why? Well, it’s going to take quite some time to come up with the goods. Point is, you need to get the right cuttings. The secret to this is not the higher number of notes. You’re looking for just the fruits right from the start and not the whole tree. The secret number – 2 or 3 nodes.

Mix n’ Match

Mix it around. You should already know that this is a climber so it needs some sort of a support right from the start of things. Mix your pepper plants with strong supporting crops. Coconut, areca nut and jackfruit trees are the preferred choices you should stick with as they’ll provide the support and recreate the perfect soil state.

Control Your Water

Yeah, pepper will need proper watering. That said, here’s a worst-kept secret to increase your yield by around 50%. You’ll need to irrigate a whole lot between the months of November and December till March. The plants will mature. That’s your cue. Hold up on the irrigation during monsoon. Let nature do its trick. Right here, you’ll get your yield!

Easy eh? Well not really. Budget’s going to play a big part. Tune in later to get a few smart ideas.

High-Quality Cinnamons of the Andaman Plantations Are in Huge Demand

A cinnamon is a popular spice that is widely used by the people from different parts of the world. According to the recent studies, amongst top twenty-six spices of the world, cinnamon occupies the first place in terms of antioxidant property. Indeed, this product gets its unique flavor and color because of the oily ingredient of the Cinnamomum tree. Indeed, the health benefits of this product are available from the bark of this tree.

Interestingly, the benefits from this product are available in the form of ground spice, natural oil and so on. In fact, a cinnamon contains a large number of essential ingredients such as phenolic elements and flavonoids that can make it a delicious product of the world. In fact, a cinnamon contains a huge amount of anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. Another health advantage of cinnamon is that it reduces multiple heart issues such as high triglyceride level, high blood pressure level, and high cholesterol level and so on.

It is rich in anti-diabetic ingredients and they also help to decrease the blood sugar level and also enhance the production of insulin, a vital hormone essential to maintain high blood sugar level in the best possible manner. Indeed the compounds that are present in this product are necessary for killing harmful bacteria that cause several ailments such as tooth decay, bad breath and so on. In fact, the essential oil extracted from this product is more beneficial than other herbal ingredients and this oil is also used to kill harmful bacteria inside the mouth.

In our country, the expert farmers of a leading private planter called Andaman Plantations make use of the modern tools and techniques in order to grow this product naturally. Indeed, this popular planter can gain expertise to produce and also export it through the roadways and the airways.